Malochia is founded in 1992 in Amsterdam.
Niels and Antoinette started a theatrical stage performance supported by the music composed by Rob.
One year later Patrick joined malochia as guitar player, and Malochia developed more into a band.
Two demo tapes ("Hardheat" and "Betray" ) were released and several concerts took place, for instance in:
"Baroeg" Rotterdam, "Ekko" Utrecht, "Paradiso" Amsterdam and also at the "Indie-Tours Festival"
in Burg Querfurt nearby Leipzig. In June 1995 Rob left Malochia.

Antoinette, Niels and Patrick continued with Malochia,
and released in 1996 the third demo "Whiplash".
"Whiplash" had very enthousiastic reactions and good reviews in the press.
Many concerts followed, for instance as support act of "Rammstein" in the Melkweg
and "Nerve" in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Malochia played at festivals like "Night of Darkness"
at the music trade fair "Popcomm 1997" in Cologne
and at the "Wave Gothic Treffen" in Leipzig in 1998.

In 1997 Malochia signed a contract with Celtic Circle Productions/Khazad-dum
and in the late autumn 1999 Malochia entered the studio, to record the Maxi -CD "Shiver",
and the debut album "Dreamhunter". Both cd's were released in April 1998 on Khazad-dum.
In the beginning of 1999 the contract with Celtic Circle Productions/Khazad-dum
ended with the agreement of both parties. Because of the big demand for the album
"Dreamhunter" Malochia decided to reprint this album.
For the distribution was taken over by Displeased Records en Bazz mailorder service.

The music of Malochia is a mixture of different styles: Gothic, Industrial and Electro.
Gloomy, melodic spheres and impressions of Gothic are combined with hard Electro-Industrial.
In Malochia you will find melancholic ballads carried by the deep intense voice of Antoinette
(like "Second Life", "Shiver", "Dreamplanet") and also hard Electro-Industrial dancefloor songs
mainly sung by Niels (like "Crush", "Whiplash", "Thrill to kill"). There are also songs which
combine the different styles into wonderful duets ("Resist", "Hypnot'eyes'ed").
The songs are supported by guitar, synthesizer, sequences and samples.
Who are composed, played and programmed by Patrick.
On some of the tracks Niels and Antoinette also play bass.
around march of 2000 Rene made his entance as live drummer to enhance Malochia's live feeling
The live concerts of Malochia are presented with fire, special light effects and bizarre costumes.

The name Malochia comes from the old Italian words "Mal Occhio" (the Evil Eye).
"Malochia" is a form of energy that has the power of a strong curse which is
projected through the eyes.

In the past Malochia has played a lot in the Netherlands and Germany
(with among others "Clan of Xymox" and "Christian Death") and did a small German tour
with the Norwegian band "Magenta".

In 2002 the Malochia split up
Changed opinions and expectations of managing the band drove the members apart
until the moment where direction-defining opinions differ too much
to keep working in a satisfactory manner.