After 10 years of passionately working for their ideals, the Amsterdam-based Malochia has split up.Changed opinions and expectations of managing the band drove some members apart until the moment where direction-defining opinions differ too much to keep working in a satisfactory manner.

Malochia was founded in 1992 by Niels (vocals/bass) and Antoinette (vocals/bass) as a theatre- and performance group. In the early years, the musical theme was created by Rob. In 1993 guitarist/composer Patrick joined the group. In this setup, Malochia evolved from a theatre-performance into a band.

In 1995, when Rob left the band, Malochia had released 2 demos and had a long list of live-performances to their credit. The new trio changed their course musically to produce the demo "Whiplash" (1996), which was enthusiastically received by public and press. The blend of both atmospheric and harsh danceable gothic, industrial and electro, mixed with the still existing theatrical live-performances, seemed the trigger for more success. Many live shows in the (European) club-circuit followed (e.g. as support of Rammstein).

In 1998, Malochia recorded the CD "Dreamhunter" and the MCD "Shiver", which was released by the German label Celtic Circle/Khazad-dûm. The first "official" releases by the band were received enthusiastically and the song "Resist" found its way onto several dance floors. Although many signs for a promising musical career were present, several disappointing circumstances that same year made the band decide to terminate the cooperation with the record company.

The band started writing new material to interest a suitable new record-company. The live shows continued while the line-up was extended with drummer René. Major developments in the private life of some of the band-members caused stagnation in the creative process. In the end, differing opinions about the course the band should take resulted in one of the members deciding to leave the band. Although one of the band members wanted to continue, the two remaining members also decided to quit at this time.

Malochia has split up, but the individual members continue to contribute to the gothic-scene. Antoinette will still be musically active, though she will focus her energy towards designing and producing exclusive latex- and gothic-erotic clothing. Patrick & Rene put their efforts in the dark-elektroband Contrast (more info you'll find on www.contrast-site.nl and www.myspace.com/contrastnl).
Niels has put his effort in the band "Drionide"

The split-up of Malochia is a very intense and emotional fase in the life of the members. The band would like to thank all the fans, friends and especially the crewmembers for their support and devotion in the past decade.